Wired Reviews 4 Waterproof iPod Cases

Wired August 07In the August 2007 issue of Wired Magazine there is a review of 4 waterproof cases for your iPod. Most people have already quenched their music listening thirst on the water with the Liquid Tunes MP3 player [externallink] from Liquid Force. For those of you Apple fanatics that MUST USE iPOD, this review will be a good starting point on how to get your beats on the water.

The highest marks in the test were from H20 Audio for Nano 2nd Gen [$80 externallink] and the OtterBox for iPod Nano [$40 externallink]. It wasn’t all about the iPod Nanos though, they also had some soft “bag-style” cases that will accommodate any iPod (or other MP3 player).

Waterproof MP3 Cases

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[EDIT: Alliance is also posting a story about the new H20 Audio waterproof iPod Shuffle case [externallink]]

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  1. I’d hate to be the guy that just bought a hard-plastic shell for my iPod, now that the new iPods just came out in new shapes.

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